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  • 11 Weekends between 9/8/19 - 29/03/20;

  • 6 Exceptional Yoga Teacher Trainers;

  • Post qualification mentoring & support;

  • Course fee's spread over 7 monthly payments;

  • In house teaching roles available;

  • Hot Yoga module included.



Have you ever wanted to deepen your practice?

Have you ever thought about becoming a yoga teacher?


If you have said ‘yes’ to either one of these statements, then Trybe Yoga Teacher Training Course is what you’ve been looking for.


We are offering our second 200 Hour Vinyasa Flow Yoga Alliance Approved Teacher Training Course that will start 9th August 2019 and run for 11 weekends spread over 8months. During this time you will be guided through a variety of essential learning elements, including Yoga Philosophy, Functional Anatomy for Yoga, Pranayama and Physiology. We will also be breaking down 65+ asanas in depth to help you deepen your practice.


We are blessed with a team of exceptional and experienced teachers to support and guide you through the course; Andrea Everingham, Stuart Alexander, Mike Cragg, Madeline Diaz Meiners, Francis Perry and Donatella Heyworth, who will be your Lead Trainer. ( right click on individual teachers to bring up their full bio's )


Our aim is to empower you with the right knowledge and offer you support and guidance so that you complete the course as a 200hr Vinyasa Flow Yoga Alliance Certified Yoga Teacher. We will create a space where you can learn, experiment and gain strength in your teaching abilities.


Have you ever listened to that voice in your heart telling you that you’re on the right path and to keep moving forward?………. Now is the time to listen - Jump in with both feet!


Friday Evenings - 7.15 - 9.45pm, Saturdays 11.30 - 7.30pm, Sundays 11.30 - 7.15pm


Week 1
August 9/10/11

Week 2
August 30/31 September 1st

Week 3
September 20/21/22

Week 4
October 11/12/13

Week 5
November 1/2/3

Week 6
November 22/23/24


Week 7

December 6/7/8

Week 8

January 10/11/12

Week 9

January 31/ & 1/2 Feb


Week 10

February 21/22/23


Week 11

March 6/7/8



Week 12 March 27/28/29

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Trybe YTTC price £2200 split over 7 monthly payments.

YTTC Student Blog

STARTS 9th August 2019

Open Night

11th April 7.30pm

  • 200 Hour Vinyasa Flow Yoga Alliance Approved Teacher Training Course with additional Hot Yoga module included;

  • 10 weekends Friday evening, all day Saturday and Sunday commencing 09/08/19, final assessments 27/28/29 March;

  • After support mentorship for all clients plus the possibility of teaching at either Trybe or The Hot Yoga Studio Adlington for the right candidates;

  • Full cost of course £2,200 to be paid over a 7 x month period, with the last payment due before the final exam, £500 deposit to secure place;

  • Incorporating a variety of Yoga styles, including Jivamutki, Hatha, Vinyasa Flow, Hot Yoga and Bikram series.

YTT at Trybe! Just wow! An intense journey to learn and develop. Phenomenal teachers who are full of knowledge and have so much belief in you when times get tough and you can't quite find it within yourself.

Laura Sinclair - March 2019 - YTTC INTENSIVE

David Shepphard - March 2019 - YTTC INTENSIVE

The Yoga teacher training course at Trybe is exceptional! The course is filled with knowledgeable, passionate and dedicated teachers who support you every step of the way. Each weekend has a different focus or area of study, from the anatomy of yoga to Pranayama, Asana and the philosophy
and history behind it all. The course is brilliantly designed to slowly build up your understanding of yoga, from partner work, to teaching sun salutations in small groups, to eventually teaching your course mates whole yoga sequences with breath, cues and confidence! It has been an unforgettable experience, I have made life long friends and learnt more about myself than I ever thought I would! I
cannot recommend Trybe enough, it is an awesome community and it has been the most wonderful step that I could have possibly made along my Yoga journey.

Karen Thomason -  March 2019 - YTTC INTENSIVE

This is my third attempt to find a truly authentic YTTC . TRYBE yoga has been an amazing experience  beautiful stylish studio .. fantastic caring people ... interesting guest speakers and classes and workshops that are the best. The yoga sutras sing throughout the course. You will not be disappointed .


Never in a million years did I think I would be able to achieve and learn so much in such a short space of time! We have laughed, cried, shared and been together through this rollercoaster of a journey that I really don’t want to end. The course has been so well put together, considering every element of what is essential to yoga teaching, drawing in some great inspirational figures from the north west. Having such a supportive network of friends on the course and excellent teachers, has made this one of the best experiences ever. Worth every penny! 


Catherine Cooper -  March 2019 - YTTC INTENSIVE

I had high expectations of the YTTC course at Trybe and it certainly hasn't failed to deliver! Madeline, Donatella and the team have been amazing and have delivered such a wealth of knowledge. The support from both tutors and fellow course mates continues to be unfailing. More importantly, I now feel fully equipped to go out there and start teaching and surely that's the most important thing from any YTTC. I'm so so glad I made the leap and signed up and I'd do it all again in a second.

Michelle Blackwall -  March 2019 - YTTC INTENSIVE

Wanting to take my yoga practice further I decided to commit to doing the YTTC with Trybe. Having been lucky enough to have had Madeline Diaz as a yoga teacher over the past four years, and knowing what an amazing teacher she is, I was looking forward to studying with her and the fantastic teaching team on the Trybe YTTC. However, nothing could have prepared me for what has unfolded over the past 12 weeks. I feel blessed to have been part of an inspiring group of yogis who have supported and encouraged each other every step of the way; who have laughed till we cried and just cried. It’s been an emotional journey of hard work and high expectations. Would I do it all over again? In a heart beat!


Clare Talbot -  March 2019 - YTTC INTENSIVE


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