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Children’s Yoga & Mindfulness Training Syllabus

3 day Course with Janine Hurley & Chelsea Canovas

Part One 

· Introduction – outline and aim of the course. 

· Why teach yoga to children? Benefits on a personal, social and global scale. 

· Yoga philosophy and how this relates to children 

· Pranayama and children 

· Koshas, Nadis and Chakras 

· Yamas & Niyamas 

· What is Mindfulness? How to introduce useful mindfulness techniques into the children’s yoga class and into your teaching. 

· Child Development – PSHE and teaching children with special needs 

· How stress affects children’s health on a personal, social and global scale.

Part Two 

· Asanas – classical hatha yoga asanas and how they can be adapted to suit children. A good knowledge of asana is presumed. 

· Breathing – techniques and use of props to aid learning. 

· Relaxation, visualisation and meditation techniques for children 

· Movement, dance and self-expression 

· Using sounds, songs and chants. 

· Unleashing your creativity! Teachers will be encouraged to be creative and to research fun things that can be incorporated into a children’s class. 

Part Three 

· Tools of the Trade! 

· Class structure & lesson planning 

· Yoga Games 

· Storytelling 

· How to make the lesson flow - linking postures. 

· NLP techniques, using your voice effectively and age-appropriate language 

· Classroom management 

Part Four 

· Health & Safety, Child Protection 

· Insurance 

· Marketing yourself 

· Networking 

· Yoga community 

· Useful resources 

There will be 4 tasks for assessment – 3 are done during the course and 1 after the course. Please note that these must be completed before the certificate is issued.

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