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Yoga at Home

As we welcome you all back.....

As we welcome you all back to our studio there are some guidelines we would like you to have a read through before attending any of our face to face classes.


If you have any symptoms associated with COVID -19 or have been in contact with anyone who has we insist that you do not attend any classes at the studio until a period of no less than 14 days has passed. We care deeply about our community and wish to keep everyone safe throughout their time with us. We do not ask our clients to wear face masks and  we understand entirely why some people may prefer not to and welcome you to make that choice for yourself. All teachers throughout the classes will be wearing suitable PPE - visors, this allows us to safely run our classes to music, which we appreciate is a big positive to our community. We will also be temperature checking all clients upon arrival with our no contact infrared forehead thermometers for that extra piece of mind. 


All class spaces must be booked prior to arrival. There will be no drop in spaces available. You can book through our website or using the mindbody app. Due to reduced class sizes in order to comply with social distancing guidelines we are unable to offer the use of any 10 or 20 class passes. All classes must be booked by selecting the class you wish to attend and purchasing an individual class pass. Any class passes held on clients accounts prior to lockdown have been refunded as credit onto your mindbody accounts for you to use against future drop in purchases. Studio 1 - Trybe's Hot Yoga Studio has a maximum capacity of 13 clients, Studio 2 - Trybe's new non heated yoga and pilates studio has a maximum capacity of 7, enabling us to position the mats with a safe 2 metre distance from the centre of each mat. Please see the class schedule for booking and pricing information.


The classes in studio 1 and 2 will have a staggered start/finish time to reduce the footfall in communal areas.

When we re-open Studio 1 will be heated at 30 degrees as opposed to full heat. We will look into full heated classes when we feel it is safe to do so. On the initial opening of Trybe we invested in a top of the range ventilation system and this will be running on full capacity to ensure a clean a flow throughout the studio space. Studio 2 being a smaller practice space will ventilate through the opening of the windows and doors were necessary. 


You will need to bring your own mat and any equipment that you may need for your class and we ask that you sanitise your mat/equipment before arrival and after class AT HOME, not in the studio, to ensure the risk of the spread of disease is absolutely minimal. Unfortunately we are unable to allow the use of any of the studio equipment. We will have stocked up on quality mats - the same as the black ones usually provided in Studio 1 and Pilates equipment and these are for sale at low cost in the reception area. Details will soon be on our website.


Please arrive ready to practice with minimal personal belongings no earlier than 10 mins prior to your class, you will be expected to wait outside the studio in single file in front of the windows of the reception desk, observing social distancing guidelines of 1m between each person. (bring an umbrella if it's raining!) Our teachers and reception staff will then call you inside individually to register you, ensuring there are no cross overs in the reception space. There will be hand sanitiser available at the door, we ask that you use it before continuing further into reception. Please do bring your own if you wish to keep some by your mat.


Once inside the building you will need to remove your shoes but we do ask that you keep your socks on until you have taken your shoes to the shoe rack, entered  the studio and placed your mat down, your socks can be then removed once you are on your mat and left at the side of your mat so you can then put them back on to leave the studio.


During the classes the teachers will not be offering any physical adjustments and will not be walking around the room unless absolutely essential. 

The lockers will not be in use, so please be mindful of this. We will still be operating a mobile free studio policy, please only bring what is absolutely necessary into the studio.


Once the class has finished your teacher may ask you to sanitise contact points around you, they will guide you out of the studio individually to the shoe rack and out of the building. Unfortunately we cannot offer the use of the changing rooms at the moment as we have to restrict movement around the building.


Between classes the studio space will be sanitised, and at the end of each day. Every 7 days the whole studio space is sanitised with a specialist product that remains actively killing pathogens including COVID-19 for a minimum of 7 days. 


We have really missed our Yoga family, it has felt like an eternity but to finally be able to open our doors and offer face to face classes is something we are all so looking forward to. This is a huge learning curve for us all and we ask for your patience as we get used to the new system at the studio, we are confident that very quickly it will become second nature to us all! We understand for some there will be issues that will worry you, if we haven't addressed it here please do contact us via email or FB messenger. 

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