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Yoga Class

Healthy Pregnancy & Relaxation 

taught by Elizabeth Whitham

MONDAYS 7.15 - 8.15PM

This classes are booked as part of a 6 week course and are designed to prepare your body for the changes experienced during pregnancy, birth and in the postnatal period. The classes have PIlates & yoga techniques incorporated into each class, designed to strengthen your body - particularly your abdominals, glutes, pelvic floor and lower back. You will be encouraged to practice gentle appropriate mobility throughout whilst connecting with your changing body, bringing relief from some of the common conditions of pregnancy such as backache, pelvic pain, and insomnia. At the end of each class you will be guided through a beautiful relaxation (with the option of a meditation) this is an opportunity for you to switch off from everything in a safe and calm environment.

During the course of classes you will learn about breath awareness, deep relaxation and meditation. The breath awareness and relaxation techniques are particularly beneficial for the health and well being of both mum and baby, these skills can encourage a calmer, confident and empowering birth experience. 

These classes are a wonderful way for you to meet to connect with other expectant mums and from the local area.


A pre-bookable course suitable from 12 weeks onwards (though you must seek advice from your midwife or GP if you have any underlying conditions prior to attending the class). To book your place please scroll down. The next course starts on the 8th September

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