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Prenatal Yoga Class


with Alice du Preez

The Northern Birthing School

Bringing a better birth

'As a midwife of 7 years, I have witnessed, first-hand, the power hypnobirthing can bring to all women, having all kinds of birth – even the ones that don’t go to plan at all. I have seen it work like an invisible force when women simultaneously find and give themselves entirely to the moment as they tune intuitively to the needs of their body. They feel relaxed, calm, and comfortable – they feel confident, able, and equipped.

There is nothing else like it.'

Join Alice from The Northern Birthing School and Trybe in our new, exciting Hypnobirthing essentials + courses.

Running monthly, in the stunning Trybe studio, Penwortham, these bespoke courses will bring you all the essentials of hypnobirthing and more...

You will go from feeling fear to excitement in just one day! Breathe. You’ve got this. Hypnobirthing isn't hippy, or mumbo....actually it's based on science!!!

I don't teach you how to birth in any one way. I do show you how the skills of hypnobirthing can go with you no matter where you birth, or how. You will feel calm, confident and in control.

Trust me, I’m a midwife – I’ve got you and you’ve got this.

You will receive a course workbook, hypnobirthing MP3's, access to a client area for further study and videos as well as loads of practical tools you will practice on the day so you and your birthing partner will know exactly what to do on the birth day!

When I founded The Northern Birthing School, I did so with the sole purpose of making birth better. I believe this starts way before your due date.

Your positive birth story starts here.

Course dates:

Most couples choose to take a course around 32-34 weeks of pregnancy to have practice but keep everything fresh for birth. BUT you can take the course anytime from 24 weeks right through to full term.

Saturday October 3rd 2020 1030-1730 (perfect if due Nov-Dec 2020)

Saturday November 7th 2020 1030-1730 (perfect if due Dec-Jan 2021)

Sunday December 13th 2020 1030-1730 (perfect if due Jan-March 2021)

Saturday 16th January 2021 1030-1730 (perfect if due Feb-April 2021)

The investment for the course is £100 per couple


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