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Kid's Yoga: what's the deal?

Close your eyes and take 5 nice deep breathes in and out, how good does it feel? Then take yourself back to Savasana and how that feels the buzz of energy after an exciting journey exploring your mind and body and breath. Now imagine passing that feeling on for your little souls to feel!

Yoga and kids just go hand in hand using their amazing imaginations to turn their mats into flying carpets ready to take them on the next adventure.

Children's yoga classes offer the perfect opportunity to explore, stretch, strengthen, relax and focus their minds and bodies. Yoga postures, breathing and relaxation techniques all woven together into exciting adventures, exploring the jungle, ocean dives and cosmic space journeys! It makes you wanna go to the class right? Being able to share and practice along side each other at home is just one benefit.

Here's just a few more...

  • Helping children with their physical, mental and emotional development.

  • Helping to develop agility, stamina and flexibility

  • With everything nowadays being high speed, fast hitting and high impact it's so important for kids to have calming, centring down time. In a non-competitive complete form of exercise for the children.

  • Children are constantly learning during practice which helps Improving concentration as well as learning to relax

  • Improving their social skills and communication skills, talking and addressing their emotions and feelings.

  • Benefiting children with ADHD, anxiety, special educational needs, yoga is available for everyone.

Just the other day Fern Cotton was on This morning talking about the advantages to yoga and more and more schools are introducing it into Their P.E schedules which is amazing. Teaching children the ability and methods to help them feel calm and centred during the day will reap so many benefits for them now and in the future.

Gift children that same rewarding emotions and sensations you feel when you step off your mat 🙏🏻 Namaste

Trybe is a dedicated hot yoga studio in the heart of Penwortham, providing hot yoga in Preston and across the North West. We offer both Kids and Teens yoga classes on Wednesday evenings - in tandem with adult classes, so that you can find your vibe on your mat, while your little ones get zen upstairs!

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