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4 reasons to integrate handstands into your yoga practice

Handstands are a great exercise for all ages and not only are they fun, but they have many wonderful benefits for our bodies.

1. Handstands build strength. Handstands are a great exercise for the upper body, as you use all muscles in the arms and shoulders as you hold your body weight upside down. They are also good for the core which is constantly engaged to stabilise your body while inverted.

2. Handstands are good for your bones. As handstands are effectively a weight bearing exercise, handstands help build and improve bone strength. Research shows that weight training actually increases bone mineral density and can help prevent and treat conditions such as osteoporosis.

3. Handstands improve balance. Holding your body weight only on your hands is a great way to practice your balance and improve core strength. Core strength is essential to build a strong spine and reduce back pain. Balancing helps you practice body awareness and require you to have full control over your muscles.

4. Handstands improve your mood. As well as increasing your strength, handstands will also make you happier! The blood flow to your brain will help you feel calm when you are stressed, and energised when you are tired. Practising handstands regularly will also reduce levels of the hormone cortisol which is often responsible for stress, depression and anxiety.

Although it can be intimidating to begin - you can incorporate some really simple exercises to prepare the body and mind to overcome both the physical and psychological barriers to handstand! Core work, wrist strengthening and shoulder opening postures can all integrate to build a strong foundation for handstands and inversions in general.

If you're looking to gain confidence - why not check in at one of our Trybe Flow classes - this month we're incorporating handstand gains into all of our Flow classes - and we're sharing the results on social media! Join us to conquer your handstand and lose the fear of going upside down.

Book on at to turn your world upside down.

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