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Hot Pilates - coming to Trybe!

We know you love your hot yoga fix, but we feel that there are so many complimentary ways to train, move, and get that high, that we're delighted to be adding Hot Pilates to our timetable!

The first class begins Tuesday 23rd Jan 6.15pm - 7.15pm - make sure you book your spot early, as our taster sessions sold out in a single day!

The basic principles of Pilates concentrates on breathing, control, centring, flow and connecting the mind and body. A heated Pilates class is amazing for loosening up your muscles and making it easier to get into the flow of the workout, creating results sooner. Moves are designed around strengthening the whole body especially the deep abdominal muscles which give the flatter stomach appearance and the muscles supporting the spine which will create a strong core. Your stabilising muscles around the pelvis are improved along with flexibility and it is perfect for postural alignment, many customers feel a difference after just a handful of classes and even say they feel taller after a class! Any level can attend and options are offered in layers for your progression.

What’s the difference between Yoga & Pilates;

They are very similar classes in they are mat work based and include similar exercises like shoulder bridge, plank, roll down, downward dog and cat stretch. Yoga poses are held for longer and each pose is complimented with a counter pose. There are no arm balances or inversions in Pilates, all the exercises are designed to work from the core and the breathing is in through the nose and out through the mouth so the opposite to Yoga on the outbreath. Due to the historical roots of yoga it can be very spiritual, Pilates does not create a distinct spiritual experience however my classes do end with a well-deserved relaxation section, why not try both?!

Happy practising!

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