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Yoga: the path to better parenting

In today’s hurried, stressed-out culture, we face more challenges than ever to raising healthy, happy children. Our kids aren't the only ones who are overstimulated by technology and understimulated physically - we all are trying to combat screen time and be more mindful in our approach to living. The constant stream of information, and the need to be connected can have huge effects on our stress levels & wellbeing.

Being pulled in so many directions, and having such a complex to do list can not only be physically draining, but also emotionally exhausting - and yoga can be an amazing way to release stress, and be more present not only for yourself, but for your kids.

Yoga & the whole

The foundation of yoga is recognizing the whole - yoga literally means, 'to yoke' or 'to join' the mind and the body. It isn't possible to separate the two, we need to approach yoga, and life, holistically. With our own self-care, as well as our roles as caregivers to children, it's important to nourish the mind, body and soul as one.

Yoga is the work of play.

A regular yoga practice is not only a way to sweat out, get fit and learn breathing techniques - it is also rediscovering the sense of play that children innately have. This connection to a lighter, brighter you, can reinvigorate your approach, and keep you connected to your inner child.

Yoga encourages happier, more confident living.

Yoga teaches self-acceptance, self-compassion, and non-judgment in a competition-free environment. Through these teachings, yoga helps us to be more accepting, more resilient and flexible - and not just in the hamstrings! By finding ways to acknowledge and confront our struggles, we are more able to face the challenges as parents with control and calm.

Yoga teaches stress management and physical fitness.

Yoga gives us back our power - both in our bodies, and in terms of our ability to address stress in our lives. By learning breath control and meditation, we can learn to relax our parasympathetic nervous system, and these are powerful tools to pass on to our children, as well as helping us to cope with the daily stresses that are thrown at us. The integrative movement and postures in a yoga class allow us to build strength, coordination, balance and body awareness, to make us fitter to live and fully inhabit our lives! A regular practice can also reduce the risks of physical injury and illness that come with being an active and engaged parent.

Yoga provides a substantial offering of ancient wisdom, which can actually be the best tool against modern stress, and it honours the complexity and the integration of the individual with its teachings. Yoga furthers and expands the understanding, deepening the imprint while also creating a mindful, compassionate path for nurturing happy and healthy individuals.

Parenting is a different journey for everyone - but the practice of yoga can transform the way that we approach that journey, and arm us with essential tools that help us to be the best version of ourselves, both for our kids and for us.

For any yogi parents looking to incorporate practice with childcare - we offer both a Creche facility, and also Kids Yoga classes in our upstairs studio. Simply head to the schedule page to check out what works for you and your little yogis!

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