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The role of yoga in injury prevention

If you're someone with a hardcore training regime, or if you're getting back to fitness after a break, in jury can be a huge concern, and something to really spend some time on, when building a training programme.

Not only can injury set you back, the impact it can have on your quality of life can be more disruptive and extreme than you can ever imagine. Enter yoga.

Quite aside from the meditative and physical benefits that yoga practice offers in itself, adding yoga classes in to your training programme is hugely beneficial in reducing injury and stress to your muscles and joints.

To stay healthy, active and engaged in sports, runners and other endurance athletes need corrective modalities to amend muscular imbalances, prevent overuse injuries and ensure longevity. Yoga offers one of the most dynamic returns on investment, as it increases strength, flexibility, agility, balance and mental acuity, and can assist with recovery from high-intensity training. Yoga can shine a spotlight on all the blind spots you’ve developed from years of repetitive training.

Holding postures for a longer period of time, as found in particular disciplines like Ashtanga and Yin, can dramatically improve tight and inflamed connective tissue such as muscles, cartilage, tendons and ligaments.

The increased body awareness that comes with a regular yoga practice is also amazing in improving your awareness of the body's limitations, your ability to feel and interpret your body's signals, and working with your body rather than pushing beyond a healthy limit.

Wanting to get into yoga, or improve your other training through a regular yoga practice? Check out our full class schedule here to see what's on offer - our Trybe 60 class is an amazing way to build strength and flexibility and to become familiar with a routine.

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