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The Allie Perspective - step into a new you

Hi Everyone! Allie here, Trybe’s new kid on the block! Madeline has asked me to write a little bit more about what I do! Not only am I a passionate yoga and acroyoga teacher; one of my true passions lies in nutrition and helping people to reach their health goals! After leaving the performing arts industry where I trained professionally as a ballet dancer, I dived deep into the world of wellness. I was always fascinated with how I could properly fuel my body, so I began studying holistic nutrition and herbal medicine at university in Melbourne. I loved learning about how the body works and can react when we give it everything it needs.

In October last year, I was completely exhausted ALL the time. I was really frustrated because I was living a holistic healthy lifestyle, but my energy levels just really didn’t match. I was even more frustrated that I didn’t have the energy to focus on the things that were really important to me and it left me feeling extremely out of alignment. I was introduced to an amazing program by a beautiful friend of mine who I am forever grateful to. Fast forward 7 months, so much has changed! As a result, I FINALLY have energy levels that match my lifestyle, and a new found passion and motivation for all the things I love. I am feeling so aligned with the new direction life is taking me! I am super inspired to share because I truly believe that everyone deserves to wake up feeling this good! This picture shows the aesthetic changes to my physical body over my initial 30 days, but what it doesn’t show is the change in my self care, self confidence, and how that 30 days made me put ME first.

If you have goals around weight loss, energy, performance or stress I encourage you to take that step! Our scientifically proven systems are full of all of the essential nutrition we need to function to our optimal potential! This incredible range of organic superfoods and botanticals comes with a complete money back guarantee and will help you transition from where you are now to where you want to be.

If any of this resonates with you please get in contact and I can’t wait to talk about how we can work together to reach those goals. NOW is the time to make change.

I’ve loved teaching my first few classes at Trybe over the last week! For those of you I haven’t met yet I’m looking forward to seeing your friendly faces on the mat soon!

You can connect with me via: In person- At Trybe! Come have a chat after any of my classes! Facebook - Allie Rimanic Email- Mobile- 07475862624


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