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A Beginner's Guide to Acro Yoga

We are so excited that our newest recruit Allie has extensive training in Acro Yoga - and if you haven't heard, we are adding an Acro Yoga Course to the schedule from 7th to 28th July!

If you have absolutely no idea what Acro Yoga might mean, then we want to break it down for you, so you can feel confident to give it a go!

Typically, when practicing acro, you will be partnered. One of you will be the 'base', and the other the 'flyer'. You may or may not require a 'spotter' depending what stage you're at in your acro yoga journey, but for our beginner course, we will be working within teams that look like this.

Although it can look kind of crazy, the beauty of acro yoga is that you use all of your core foundational skills of your regular practice, and add in some basic rules of physics and you're all set! Most of the basic beginner poses that we'll be practicing to build strength and confidence will be based around this L-shape pictured above - most of us will have played with balancing like this as kids, making an 'aeroplane'. If you can hold a plank, and perform a squat, you already have this one down.

Acro is an amazing practice to take part in, as it not only brings the elements of yoga that you already love, such as balance, flexibility, mindfulness and relaxation - it also creates an amazing sense of trust and teamwork with you are able to work with others to play with the laws of gravity!

Whether you’re interested in starting Acro Yoga as a complete beginner, or you’ve already got a basic knowledge under your belt, Acro Yoga can provide an array of positive benefits to both mental and physical health. If you're interested in stepping your toe into the exciting waters of Acro - feel free to drop us a message or ask Allie about any queries you might have!

You can come with a friend, but this isn't necessary - there will be plenty of people to group up and mess around with! Sign up to the course via the normal online route at!

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