Madeline Diaz Meiners – Founder/Manager

I discovered my passion for Yoga in Argentina, while running a dance and percussion school in Buenos Aires. Having developed my skills through personal practice and learning first-hand the benefits of Yoga; physically, spiritually and mentally, I discovered this was my true vocation. I returned back to the UK to embark on a three year intensive 500hr YTTC teacher training course at The Mandala Yoga Ashram. I trained in the practice and philosophy of Satyananda Style Yoga, including Asana (poses), Pranayama (breathing), Meditation and Yoga Nidra. It wasn’t until several years later that I stumbled across practising Yoga in the heat. As my personal yoga practice changed, this filtered through into my teaching. My love for Hot Yoga started to take me on a different path and I finally took the plunge and opened up my first Hot Yoga studio in Adlington, which has now progressed into the creation of Trybe Hot Yoga, in Penwortham.

Laura Barrett 

Laura completed her 200hr YTTC in Ashtanga Vinyasa in India, after falling in love with yoga in her second life. Knowing that yoga was about more than the asana, Laura allowed the ancient studies of yoga to become her daily focus. Her training was rich and devoted to exploring the Eight Limbs of Yoga  which Laura has beautifully captured in her teaching.

Yoga Alliance certified, Laura teaches from the heart and provides a nurturing space for students of all abilities to connect with their own practice. With a particular love for teaching in the heat, Laura is inspired by dynamic flows that challenge the physical and mental layers of the self, creating a moving meditation whilst establishing inner strength and peace.

With a background in musical theatre, dance and breakdance, Natalie always thought yoga would be…. slow and easy. After that first hot yoga class she realised that Yoga is not easy! But it sparked a calmer happier feeling, and a creative flame and love for yoga, which continues to inspire her daily!

Natalie leads Vinyasa flow classes that incorporate both Yin and Yang elements to nurture the balance we are all seeking.

After training in Rishikesh, New York and Thailand, she developed a respect for, and understanding of, yoga’s ability to channel everyone’s individual needs. Natalie extended her practice to teaching children and adults with special needs and strives to increase her knowledge.

Natalie Rice

Donatella Heyworth

Originally a dancer who performed in many professional shows in the North West of England, Donatella followed her heart and moved to LA (California) in 2012. This is where she first stepped into a Hot Power Yoga class and fell in love with the practice! She completed her 200hr Hot Power Yoga teacher training in 2013 and her 200hr Hot Yoga in 2015. Since then she has been teaching both privately and at LA’s number one yoga studio: Hot 8 Yoga at their Beverly Hills and Santa Monica locations. Now back in the North-West of England, Donatella is looking forward to guiding you through your practice in a safe, fun and empowering class.

Laura Perry – Assistant Manager


Laura found yoga, and herself, through the internet! She was self-taught for her first few years, before she decided to push her physical and spiritual journey by attending a class. Yoga has since become the main focus and love of her life, and she completed her 200hr YTTC in Ashtanga Vinyasa in India. Laura is interested in a wide range of styles of yoga, with a focus on Vinyasa Flow, and believes that yoga is right for everybody, no matter what their ability or experience.

She is inspired by freedom of movement and exploring and pushing the limitations of mind and body. 

Jennifer Possamai


Jen found her love for yoga while exploring the mountains of Canada in 2009. Learning how to connect to something greater than just the physical body opened her heart up to a greater meaning and thirst for this knowledge and way of life. She was captured by how the spiritual and philosophical limbs of yoga could transform a person's happiness and general state of wellbeing. It no longer became just about the postures (asana); but a union of the mind and body in one blissful state of being! Having a background of running a school in Liverpool (teaching dance and acrobatics) for the last 12 years; teaching yoga felt like the most natural path for her to go on. Her love for yoga took her to southern India to study Ashtanga yoga in 2016, and here she completed her 200hr YTT.

Jo Eastham

Jo's  earliest experience of Yoga was in 1984 at the age of seventeen, soon after she discovered Ashtanga Yoga and herYoga Practice entered a new phase and inspired her to seriously consider teaching, the one thing that had helped me through life so far, Yoga. Jo embarked on a three year teacher training programme with the British Wheel of Yoga. Since then she has completed two Ashtanga Teacher Training courses well as many intensives with others, whilst also qualifying as a Thai Yoga Massage Therapist, recognising that all adjustments in Yoga were derived from this ancient bodywork treatment. 

My general approach to teaching is Vinyasa. I chose to flow because I believe it is better for the nervous system and better for the joints not to hold a posture too long. As a teacher I aim  to embrace the diversity of peoples needs. The most important part of yoga is how its feels for the individual and not how deep you can get into a posture that matters. My classes are suitable for all levels and abilities. 

Tracey Oakes

Following a 10 year career teaching Dance and Musical Theatre in Further Education, yoga was the ultimate healing tool to help repair and strengthen Tracey's body and mind after injury. Elements of yoga had always been present in her contemporary dance training, unfortunately it took nearly 20 years to realise that those 'stretches' were indeed yoga postures!

Tracey is passionate about encouraging her students to embrace the uniqueness of their bodies, and draws upon a wide variety of styles from Iyengar influences to Vinyasa Flow and Yin, to create the perfect blend for her classes. She enjoys creating classes that allow both freedom of movement and a strong sense of postural awareness... always sprinkled with a smile and a touch of humour.

She found her flow again through her physical and spiritual yoga practice, and believes it is the perfect combination to balance body, mind and soul.

Natalie Westgate

Natalie discovered her passion for Mind & Body classes after literally trying and teaching them all!  At the age of 18 Swimming teaching came first on a long list of fitness courses which then led to Aqua Aerobics, Body Pump, Spinning and Pilates. Following the trends within the fitness industry  she went onto to teach classes in Body Combat, Body Balance, Body Jam & became a choreographer for Beach Fit!

After entering the world of motherhood and being blessed with two wonderful children it was maybe time to slow things down a bit but alongside the dream job of being a Wellness Manager and her passion for fitness Natalie managed to add  Trigger Point Pilates, Aerial Pilates and Aerial Yoga to her list.

After experiencing her first Asthanga Yoga class 18mths ago she was instantly hooked and realised what all the fuss was about. Natalie feels it’s the right time in her life for her Yoga journey and has noticed a shift in energy and a new positive mind-set evolving. Whilst practising both Pilates and Yoga she feels it’s the perfect combination, just like a Gin & Tonic!  


Adrienne Le Coure

Adrienne is a 500 hour Yoga Alliance certified yoga teacher. Her journey with yoga began over a decade ago. Since then yoga has inspired a revolutionary transformations on the physical, mental, and emotional levels. She completed her 200hr training in Northern India 3 years ago and her 300hr training in Southern India this year. Her pursuit of yoga has lead her all over the world. In addition to her teacher trainings, she has continued to study passionately and diligently, embracing a colorful array of methods. Her additional training includes a 3 week Immersion at Sivananda Ashram in Madurai, India, Ashtanga Immersion’s in Sri Lanka and Montana and extensive experience in Trauma Sensitive Yoga. She has taught in Montana, Guatemala, Sri Lanka, Greece, Bali and England. She is enthusiastically sharing the incredible gifts she has accessed on the mat with students around the world. Most of her experience teaching has been out of the studio and “in the trenches” serving the sick, elderly, traumatized and vulnerable. Adrienne is especially passionate about using yoga as an instrument to empower marginalized populations and provide healing from physical and emotional wounds.

Allie Romanic

Allie was born and raised in Melbourne, Australia, and now calls the UK home. She began her yoga journey whilst training as a professional ballet dancer. Since leaving the performing arts industry, she has dived deeply into the world of wellness. With a degree in health science, a love of movement, and her dance background, Allie enjoys teaching dynamic flows, and facilitating the connection between breath, body, and soul. Allie also teaches Acro Yoga and is passionate about the practice and its ability to cultivate trust, connection and community. Allie has committed to living her yoga on and off the mat and continues to delve into the richness of yogic philosophy as well as the physical practices. 

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