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Trybe's studio has been created and constructed by Yogi's, all with bespoke original fittings made to the highest quality, with love and care. Our aim was to create a space in which students can relax and feel at home, in a contemporary yet non-pretentious environment and a space in which students feel inspired to improve their physical, emotional and spiritual self.


We are located on Penwortham High Street, with parking to the front and rear of the building. The studio has male and female changing rooms on the second floor, alongside the washrooms. Inside the studio we hold a no shoe policy, helping to maintain a clean and hygienic environment to practice in. 

Equipment can we purchased from studio, we stock Yoga Bum Hot Yoga Towels, or for the committed student who wishes to take their practice to the next level, we also sell top of the range Hot Yoga Mats from Liforme and Lululemon.


Our heating system has been designed using the very latest technology, with optimum levels of oxygen being pumped into the studio when the system is running. We have used state-of-the-art materials to ensure the heat and humidity levels are carefully controlled, so that you can enjoy a comfortable and safe yoga practice!


At Trybe Hot Yoga we use radiant heat to warm our students. Radiant heat is a gentle heat that allows the body to warm up from the inside. Similar to the rays of the sun, radiant heat warms the objects around you rather than air, this creates a more evenly distributed heat that reaches every corner of the studio. Our state-of-the-art system is the most hygienic available and promotes a healthier environment by avoiding blowing hot air, dust or allergens around the room. High levels of fresh oxygen and carefully controlled heat & humidity are combined to provide the perfect environment for hot yoga.


It's important to ensure there is enough fresh air and oxygen circulating around the room, in order to gain the maximum cardiovascular benefits when practicing hot yoga. At Trybe hot Yoga we have installed a high-tech ventilation system that uses heat recovery technology, this will ensure that the fresh air being pumped into the studio is kept at the correct temperature, helping you gain the maximum benefits out of your practice.



The ideal level of humidity in a Hot Yoga studio is between 40% and 50%. When you get a lot of bodies in one space the humidity levels are sure to rise. To maintain a nice environment to practice in, our heat recovery system also regulates the amount of humidity in the room. When there is too much or too little humidity, students can experience symptoms of nausea and will not realise the maximum benefits from the practice.

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