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TRIBE HOT YOGA LTD – Yoga Teacher Training Course


Terms & Conditions


1. Booking, Cancellation and Attendance at Events


2. An offer for a place on the YTTC course will be at the discretion of Tribe Hot Yoga Ltd ("Trybe") and will be communicated to you in writing. 



3. Notwithstanding the above, a place on the course is only confirmed upon the payment of a non-refundable but transferrable (see below) deposit of £500 ("the Deposit"). Full payment of the remainder of the YTTC course fee, namely £1,700 can be paid in monthly instalments, as long as the total course fee has been paid in full at least 1 month before the start of the YTTC course. Trybe reserves the right to withhold your certificate of completion of the course until any outstanding course fees and/or any sum due is paid.


4. If you cancel within at least 8 weeks of the start date of the commencement of the YTTC course, all monies paid over and above the Deposit up to that date will be refunded to you, and the Deposit can then be transferred to a future YTTC course (subject to availability). If you do not wish to attend a future YTTC course, then Trybe will use all reasonable endeavours to subsequently fill the place that has been vacated, subject to sufficient time being available to do so. If the place is filled, and you do not wish to transfer the Deposit, then Trybe will refund the Deposit to you in addition to the further sums paid (whether they have been paid by monthly instalments or otherwise), less an administration fee of £50.00 ("the Admin Fee"). If the vacated space is not ultimately filled by another participant, then Trybe will retain the full Deposit but the Administration Fee will not be charged in addition.


5. If you cancel within less than 4 weeks before the start date of the commencement of the YTTC course, the full course fee will be due and payable, regardless of whether they have been paid in full or in part by that date, unless it manages to fill the vacated place subsequently (as above). If the place is filled, then Trybe will refund any sums paid over and above the Deposit to you, but the Deposit will be retained, or alternatively, you can opt to transfer the Deposit towards a future YTTC course at your election.


6. Once you have committed to attend the YTTC course, it is your responsibility to attend all of the scheduled sessions and you must do so in order to receive any confirmation from us of your completion of the course. In the case of an emergency or unforeseen event that makes it not possible to attend a session, we will do our best to ensure that you are given the materials to seek to learn that element in your own time, and will take this into account as regards your completion of that segment of the course and will confirm this to you.


7. Trybe reserves the right to reorganise the sessions within the course, upon reasonable notice of not less than 14 days (or less if there is an unforeseeable emergency / issue that practicably prevents earlier notice being given). We will of course endeavour to do so only in the event of exceptional circumstances, such as any restrictions due to Covid-19.


8. Trybe reserves the right to cancel the YTTC course up to 14 days prior to the commencement of the course if, in Trybe's opinion, insufficient numbers are booked onto the course for it to be commercially viable to continue it. Should this happen, we will notify you as promptly as possible (and in any event within 14 days of the start of the course) and Trybe will refund you the full amount you have paid to us in respect of the course to date, including the Deposit – which can, upon your election, be transferred to a future YTTC course. Trybe will not, however, be held responsible and/or liable for any additional expenses or losses which you may have incurred in respect of the cancellation of the course, for example, in respect of travel of accommodation costs.


9. In the highly unlikely event of unbecoming behaviour of a participant that we consider to be abusive of, or disruptive to, the other participants on the course, Trybe reserves the right to exclude anyone behaving in such a way from the YTTC course, without refund of any amounts paid, and to refuse to permit that person to participate in any further YTTC courses.


10.Release of Liability


11. By booking to attend a Trybe YTTC course, you agree that:


12. Trybe is not responsible for the safekeeping of your personal belongings during your participation on the YTTC course, albeit all reasonable endeavours to keep your belongings safe will of course be made.


13. elements of the course may be physically strenuous and you participate in them voluntarily, understanding that there is risk of personal injury;


14. It is your responsibility to inform the teacher(s) of the YTTC course if you have any injuries or health conditions (including pregnancy, suspected pregnancy or childbirth within the preceding three months) and to abide by their decision as to whether all or any part of the course is appropriate for you. This is an ongoing obligation post commencement and during the YTTC course;


15. neither you nor your heirs, assigns or legal representatives will sue or make any other claim of any kind against Trybe, or personally against the teacher(s) of the Course in respect of any loss or damage which you may suffer or incur or as a result of attending the YTTC course, whether caused by negligence or otherwise, save only to the extent that liability in respect of such loss or damage may not be excluded or limited by the laws of England and Wales.


16.Use of Course Materials


17. Unless Trybe agrees otherwise in advance and in writing, you may not externally publish to any third parties, including on social media and/or electronically over the internet the teaching materials provided to you during the course. 

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