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Meet the newest member of the Trybe!

At Trybe, we pride ourselves on offering you the most experienced, passionate and engaged teachers - and as we grow, we are able to bring amazing new people on board to keep our community fresh and dynamic!

Our newest recruit is Allie - some of you may already have met her at our Saturday morning class!

Allie was born and raised in Melbourne, Australia, and now calls the UK home. She began her yoga journey whilst training as a professional ballet dancer. Since leaving the performing arts industry, she has dived deeply into the world of wellness. With a degree in health science, a love of movement, and her dance background, Allie enjoys teaching dynamic flows, and facilitating the connection between breath, body, and soul. Allie also teaches Acro Yoga and is passionate about the practice and its ability to cultivate trust, connection and community. Allie has committed to living her yoga on and off the mat and continues to delve into the richness of yogic philosophy as well as the physical practices.

Make sure you book on to a class with Allie to experience all that she has to offer, and to get know our newest member!

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